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Home Learning Procedure

Home Learning Procedures (Covid-19)

The Phoenix Collegiate

These guidelines have been written to cover periods of absence prior to results of Covid-19 tests being available and in the event of the child testing positive or a member of their household doing so. Public Health England and Sandwell Local Authority will be responsible for asking the school to close a ‘bubble’* or shut the wider school and will do based on local intelligence, the prevalence of cases in the school and advice from the Governments ‘Track and Trace’ team. It is our responsibility to ensure that disruption to your child’s learning is kept to a minimum and that alternative arrangements for their education are made during periods of whole class lockdowns and to support learning in the event of an individual needing to self-isolate.

*A bubble is defined as a group of children who are kept together to prevent the spread of infection.

Waiting for a Child’s Covid-19 test result

If your child is displaying symptoms associated with Covid-19, they will need to be tested. This will mean that your child will be unable to attend school until the test result is returned and after their symptoms (if a temperature) have gone. Very often, children display mild symptoms (if any at all) that tend not to make them feel too poorly and will not prevent them from learning. Where possible we would like them to engage (for this short period of time) in revising basic skills and follow the guidelines below.

1) Notify the school office stating that your child will be not attending school due to Covid-19 symptoms (please be specific) and inform them that you have booked a test (this is strongly advised as it supports Track and Trace systems and helps prevent the spread of the virus).

2) We will record this absence (as a marked code X which shows that the reason for absence is to protect others) and the symptoms you describe in accordance with Public Health England advice.

3) The attendance team will be notified and a call made home to discuss activities that can be done when whilst waiting for the test results. We are signposting the Oak National Academy - for direct work during these short periods of absence. The year timetable will be made available online, with lessons for each year group each day.

4) Work is to be recorded on lined paper and dated so their teachers can view on their return.

5) If your child’s test comes back negative**, then they can return to school straight away if he/she feels well enough to do so unless they were told to self-isolate from the school as part of a bubble, for precautionary measures (in that case, the child should continue to self-isolate until the date they have been given by the school).

** If the test result is positive it is of absolute importance the school is informed.

Your Child’s test result is returned positive or wider bubble closure due to a positive test with another student.

1) It is important that you notify school without delay if this is the case. You can do so out of hours or during school hours by emailing the following address as soon as possible with the following information:

  • Student name
  • Year group
  • When they developed symptoms
  • Date of the test
  • When they were last in school
  • How do they travel to school: walking/car/bus – who do they travel to school with
  • Any siblings at school

This will prompt us to contact Public Health for advice and support.

2) Based on the current advice received from Public Health England, it is likely that we will be advised to close the class/year group ‘bubble’ to prevent the spread of infection. Such a decision does not lie with the school and is based on knowledge of local and national infection rates.

3) The ‘bubble’ will close for 14 days from the date of the positive test result (if asymptomatic) or from the onset of symptoms in the individual that has been infected.

4) To cater for such times your child will have enrolled onto the Microsoft Teams platform for home learning (they will have been trained on this during their induction days and a video on how to login is on the website under ‘Home Learning’ -> ‘Microsoft Teams’).

5) An email will be sent to your child’s account on the first day of your child’s absence, to notify them that on the following day, lessons will begin online.

6) Lessons will be set each day in line with the student timetable, which will be presented in various forms from a PowerPoint lesson to a live lesson. Teachers will be online during the timetabled lesson to give feedback/conduct live communication with the students.

7) As the work is completed and submitted the children will receive feedback from their teacher to address any misconceptions that may arise.

IMPORTANT – Should your child experience difficulties with logging on to Microsoft Teams, or should there be technical delays with entering your Teams Class then we advise that you contact and set work for your child based on the Oak Learning Academy

Children unable to attend because a member of their household has tested positive and they must self-isolate for 14 days.

If a member of a household tests positive for Covid-19 then all members of the household must self-isolate for 14 days. Unfortunately, this will mean that your child cannot attend school and their absence will be noted. This creates a problem for class teachers as they will be teaching all day and will not have time to create a bespoke set of resources for an individual. Our offer in these circumstances will be as follows.

1) Please inform the office that your child will be isolating for 14 days and provide the date from which the affected person was symptomatic or in the absence of symptoms, from the date of the test.

2) A call will be made by a member of the school staff to check on well-being and answer any questions.

3) For work purposes you will be asked to access the Government backed website The Oak National Academy . We advise a unit of English and Maths plus one other topic area is done each day as outlined on the site.

4) You and your child can progress through units of work, and these usually begin with a video tutorial explaining the task, followed by an activity.

5) Your child can complete this task on paper and bring the work into school on their return.

6) A member of staff from the attendance/House team will make contact during the period of absence to check on well-being.

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