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Ice Cream Challenge

 It's Part 2 of the Sixth Form Charity Appeal for the Pearl of Africa following the earlier Staff Obstacle Race.
This time it was a tastier if more painful Ice Cream Challenge - how much can your team eat in five minutes.
Some of the teams tried different tactics - pre mashing the ice cream - and some tried some questionable tactics - hiding the ice cream under the tub lid I'm sure is not acceptable Miss Patel? - but factoring in 'Brain Freeze' it's not as easy as it seems. Obviously the bigger the brain, the more the freeze hurts so the staff suffered more than most! However Misters Price and Markham weren't troubled by this and went on to a famous victory, accepting the prize of a .... tub of ice cream!
The staff were cheered on by a paying audience of students who reaped their own reward for their generous donations - a chance to finish of the ice cream before returning to lessons - hopefully no one was sick - staff or students.
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