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Students learning at home

Online Learning Platforms

The following online learning platforms are used here at Phoenix for setting work. 

Please click the link ' Quick Start
Guide for Parents
' for instructions
on how to access GCSE Pod.
All students have been provided with login details to be able to access
All students have been provided with login details to be able to access
Office 365. For instructions on how to logon to Office365, please click here.

If students need to reset passwords for GCSEPod or Classcharts please contact

If students need to reset passwords for Office365 please contact

In your request please include your Full Name, Tutor Group and Username (that you use to login to the computers at school). 

Uploading completed work on Classcharts

If you can see the option below on your Classcharts, you will  be able to upload your completed work:

Teacher Email Addresses

To contact teachers, please click here for the full list of teacher email addresses. 


In the drop down menu, you will find the documents or links needed for each subject whilst working at home.


Maths work will be set on Classcharts from now on. Instructions as to the new system will be uploaded from 13th May 2020 with new work.

MathsWatch - Login: firstname.surname@phoenix          Password: southgate2018

In addition to the homework set on Mathswatch, students can also access interactive questions by searching for a topic video then clicking the “interactive questions” tab on top of the video.

CenturyTech - (if you have forgotten your username, please contact the school on Your password is phoenix2019)

WhiteRoseMaths - This will be providing video tutorials from 24/3/2020.

Corbett Maths - for practice worksheets, papers.

Corbett Maths (5aday) - do the one for your level on the date for that day. Daily practice. Answers provided too.

Dr Frost - A Level Maths students

Art and Design 

Year 7 and Year 8 Worksheet

Year 10 Worksheet

Bitesize KS3 Art and Design Website link to support KS3 students

Bitesize GCSE Art and Design Website link to support KS4 students

Tate Website link to support art students

Art2Day Website link to support KS4 students 


BeeBusinessBee - website with educational resources

BBC Bitesize - website with educational resources

Pearson - exam board materials

BTEC Business Level 3 - weblinks to support KS5 students

A Level Economics - weblinks to support KS5 students

Child Development 

Year 9 - Early Play

Year 9 - Pre School Play

Year 10 and 11 - Office365 


Careers Advice/Connexions – During School Closure

As part of Phoenix’s careers guidance programme Year 11 & 13 students and their parents/carers are able to access individual support from our Connexions Personal Adviser – Lynn Edge.

Lynn can be contacted as follows: By e-mail on

By phone on 07792711064 - Monday – Friday 9am to 5 pm

KS3 Digital Photography 

Pupil Portfolio

Please continue to use Showbie to complete your portfolios.  Please message Ms Kapoor on Showbie, if you would like your portfolios exported as Powerpoints.

KS4 Digital Photography 

Continue with your photography work via Showbie.  Please message Ms Kapoor if you would like your work exported as Powerpoints.


Edmodo (work has been set for KS4 and KS5 on Edmodo)

Classcharts (work has been set for KS3 on Edmodo)


Year 10,11 and 13 (information on how to access work set on Edmodo)

Edmodo (work has been set on Edmodo)

Health and Social  

Edmodo work set for KS4 and KS5


Classcharts work set for History students

KS4 ICT and Computer Science 

TeachICT Website to support ICT students 


All students must log into Office 365, then click on TEAMS to see their classes and homework set. Students may also log into Classcharts to see reminders of the homework set.

Years 7 & 8 

Year 9

Years 10, 11, 12


Activities to improve your Spanish

Any login issues please contact 



This week’s literacy recommendations aren’t audiobooks, they are podcasts from the BBC.  You (or your parents) do have to register, but the range of absolutely top-quality resources is astonishing.

To register for a free BBC account visit

And then search for the podcast you fancy.

Two starting points:

If you loved ‘Horrible Histories’ then search for ‘Homeschool History’.  If you make yourself listen to the first few minutes, I guarantee you’ll be hooked for the episode – this is entertaining and educational, for instance I sampled the Charles Dickens episode for this recommendation and ended up listening to the whole episode and then another 3 – I am now an expert* in the life of the real Pocahontas, Mary Queen of Scots AND Florence Nightingale! (14/15 minutes  each episode)

Very different, partly because it’s more aimed at adults and partly because it’s science/technology and not history is, ‘Crowd Science’.  It is usually very straightforward because it is made for people in other countries who are interested but who don’t have a particularly good understanding of science It starts off with a listeners question and then explores that question with scientists to come up with an answer. The current episode is about whether we can tickle ourselves and last week’s was about whether current toilets are the best they could be! (about 45 mins each)

And the best thing about these podcasts?  You can listen to them while you are doing something else – two homeworks at once?  I’ll have some of that!

*  For the purposes of this recommendation, an ‘expert’ is someone who has listened to a 14 minute radio program on a subject, other definitions may exist.

Happy reading!

Mr Smith

Explore the free audiobooks at audible and find one you like the sound of :

If you are looking for books to listen to...for free, try visiting

For people missing literacy in the LSC, there is 'Cirque du freak: A living Nightmare.'  Darren Shan is another author who really divides opinion - many KS3 students absolutely love his stories and if you have macabre tastes, then this might well be the book for you to try this week! It is found in the 'Tween' category.

For people with a more non-fiction approach, try 'The Witches of Salem' by Shirly Jackson.  It's interesting, but the soft southern accent of the reader was just too slow for me - if you listen on 1.25 or 1.5  speed, it is much more listenable and doesn't quite get to 'chipmunk' speed (3x +).  You can find it a few rows down, also in the tween category.

If all of this fantasy malarkey, is too much, how about 'The Blue Herring Mystery: The Ellery Queen Jr. Mysteries'.  I always love an audio book where the reader, in this case  Traber Burns, sounds like a character from the story...and his voice fits it too!

Mr Smith's KS3 Weekly Reading Suggestions

Happy reading!

Mr Smith


Non-fiction – we are publishing a literacy powerpoint each week which is available here: 

Literacy Powerpoint for w/e 1.5.'20  

Literacy Powerpoint for w/e 8.5.'20

Literacy Powerpoint for w/e 15.5.'20

Literacy Powerpoint for w/e 22.5'.20

Literacy Powerpoint for w/e 5.6'.20

(Original source material used with the kind permission of Advanced Picture News)



KS3 Bitesize (Website link to support KS3 students)

Making Music at Home 

Making Music at Home pt2

The Phoenix Edge 

The Phoenix Edge

If you experience any problems with logging in, please contact Ms Kapoor via Showbie or email.

Physical Education 

Classcharts (Work has been set on Classcharts for Year 10 and Year 11)

Work for Ms Ault's Yr10 Sport Group can be found using the links below -

OCR Exam Questions

Revision Guide

Major Sporting Events  


TechnologyStudent (Technology website with revision information for Y7-Y13)

Edmodo (work has been set on Edmodo)

Classcharts (work has been set on Classcharts)

Travel and Tourism

Year 9 -  Classcharts (Work has been set on Classcharts) 

Year 10 - Showbie and Classcharts (Work has been set on Showbie and Classcharts)

Year 11 - Showbie and Classcharts (Work has been set on Showbie and Classcharts) 




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